Inspiring spaces + outdoor rugs

If you live in the city, chances are your apartment is teeny.  Square footage is not something you can afford to waste when you live in a shoebox, so if you’re lucky enough to have a patio or balcony, making use of the extra space is key.  Outdoor spaces often get the cold shoulder when it comes to decorating, but when the area actually feels like it’s part of your home, it has a dramatic effect on how spacious your apartment feels.  If your treat your patio like a room (albeit a very small room) and decorate accordingly,  you’ll actually want to start spending time out there.  Soon your guests will want to start hanging out there, too, then all of a sudden your apartment feels twice as big.

An inviting outdoor city space and a $10 rug from Ikea

My patio is made of rough concrete and kind of feels like a sidewalk under your feet.  It’s got a huge crack in it that runs the entire length of the floor.  Outdoor rugs are fantastic for covering up cosmetic problems like this.  Not only do they add instant style to an overlooked space, but they’re also cheap, durable, and easy to clean.  Most outdoor rugs are also mold resistant and stand up well in high-traffic areas.

Click through to see a few of my favs!

Springkorn outdoor rugs from Ikea

Springkorn outdoor rugs from Ikea, $15

Ikea outdoor rugs on a roof top

Ikea has a sweet selection of super affordable outdoor rugs.  Most of them are made from a woven plastic material that doesn’t hold water, so they can be left out in the rain and hosed off when they get dirty.  My favorites are the colorful Springkorn and the bold, graphic Rorholt (seen here in black and white, but also comes in punchy red).  If your taste is more traditional, Target is a good place to start.  Their rugs are affordable still, but they offer more subdued colors and contemporary patterns.

A little more traditional: rugs from Target starting at $30

A little more traditional: rugs from Target starting at $30

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  1. Kingdom of Love

    Any kind of outside space is a blessing, but it can be hard to know just what to do with it. Bright Pots/furniture can be a instant uplift before you’ve even added flowers and can be moved around accordingly. Wall planters can be fun and why not frame the display with an outside frame! If inside and outside space is limited make sure if you buy outdoor furniture that it can be kept outside all year round with little upkeep required then you won’t have to find someone to store it :O)

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