Farming for the Future

Ok, I’m stoked about this.  The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) is hosting their 22nd annual Farming for the Future conference in February 2013.  It’s a weekend long event being held in State College, PA.  It just so happens that I was already planning to travel to the State College area that weekend so I am definitely going to hit up this conference.  The list of workshops looks particularly interesting.  Beekeeping for the Future: Practices for Today, Birds of a Feather: Backyard Poultry Basics, Sprouting Small Grains for Fodder, Farm Advocacy 101, and the Salmonella Chronicles all sound really cool to me.  One of the keynote speakers is Vermont-based writer and speaker Ben Hewitt.  I’ve never heard of him, but I checked out his website and I’m very curious! He talks a lot about localizing the food system and I love that, so I just might pick up a copy of his book “The Town That Food Saved” and read it before the conference.

Can’t wait!!  Is anyone else going?

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